Goosecraft LONDON LAMMY Jacket


The leather mens London lammy is crafted from a leather quality called Shearling. This type of leather is washed during the production process. The inside of the leather consists of soft wool. Shearling breathes naturally and is therefore very suitable for the winter. The Goosecraft Lammy has a straight zipper, two side pockets, little belt details at the waist and a shearling collar.

The London lammy has a straight, normal fit and is true to size. The shearling leather will become a little flatter in places where there is tension and get the perfect fit. We advise you to order a size larger.

Shearling leather is a precious leather quality. It is therefore important to properly maintain a shearling or lammy coat. Always treat a lammy coat with an impregnation spray before wearing. If the lammy coat has gotten wet in a heavy rain shower, let the lammy coat dry on a wide clothes hanger. Do not hang the lammycoat near a heater, but let the jacket dry gently in a ventilated room.

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