Omnio Leyton Combat Mid Beige Leather

Leyton Combat Mid is a womens casual boots of our Omnio Atelier brand, manufactured in superior quality leather.
The item is suitable for the Army Look fashion addopters, the boots having a look of strong heavy boots. The boots are unlined and on the inside they are provided with nylon zippers for easier take-on/take off.
The sizes respect the European size standard so the boots are matching the corresponding footwear sizes (36-41).
• The boots are made of high quality white leather

• The boots are unlined and on the interior you can find nylon zippers

• The leather sock provides optimal comfort to the foot

• The outsole is made of TPR rubber, a relatively lighter material

• Round, waxed and strong laces are succesfully completing the army look

• The footwear is manufactured in European factory

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Size schoenen

36/36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

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